Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I had so much fun with Bridgette today! We went to the park in downtown Plano by the dartrail. I didn't plan on it, but we actually rode it down one stop and back.. quite an experience. We sat at the end for 20mins waiting for it to go back. Next time I'll think about it more before I jump on the tram with a 4 year old, haha. Nonetheless, we had fun! There was a kid selling tomatoes for 10cents at the playground, Bridgette brought her tapped around in her tap shoes, and I taught her and some other kids how to whistle with a piece of grass (I'm sure their parents will thank me for that one later..) OHH.. and I took a few of what I think are going to be my favorite photos (until my next session of course).
 Let me know what you think!


being silly.. this was soooo funny!

our tram

ready for mooore playground!

This looks so much like a photo of her mom around this age, it's unreal.. so awesome!

time for swim lessons.. see you later! =)

OH.. I'm traveling AAAA LOT over the next few weeks, so I may  not update as often but I should have lots to show off after! =)


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