Thursday, October 21, 2010


I know I have been slow at updating lately, so I thought I'd take a second to update you on what I have been up to..

2. Busy on the hunt for a job because I WILL have a job when I am done (tell you what, this is a full-time job in itself)
3. Working at Griffin Wink Advertising taking photos (I will post them soon), building websites (links below), learning new software (yay!!), media planning/buying, and doing research. I LOVE IT!
4. Wedding planning
5. oh yea.. and attempting to spend time with the one I love so much that we are getting married.. hehe (i love you!! Thanks for being so patient)

If anyone thinks.. aww, that's nothing.. let me know, because I need to take lessons from you!!

Here are the websites I have been working on primarily...

Indigenous Imports
Chelseas Gluten Free

I am working currently to create a home, about us, contact page for Indigenous Imports since right now we have only created their e-commerce store. It is going to be so cool! I am very excited to make this site live.

Oh! Guess what else.. since I refuse finish this post without photos, Justin and I had our engagement photos taken by the lovely and talented, Stephanie Read, the photographer for Auburn Soul Photography. I have had the fortune of getting to know Stephanie when she mentored me at the beginning of the summer and I look forward to her being at my wedding, capturing every exciting moment. Now, check it out!

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Session sneak peak- Mary Jane

How absolutely precious is this little girl.

I still can't get over those eyes

More to come =)