Thursday, February 4, 2010

Random Keeping Dry

I walked around campus today, rain gear from head-to-toe, excited to actually be dry and fairly warm. It only took a giant, winter jacket, rain boots, and an umbrella. Nobody told me before moving here that these were necessary to live in Lubbock. In fact, I'm still being told that this weather is not "normal" for Lubbock.

Living here more than a year.. this is my second time to see all the seasons; Maybe the norm is changing. My second month here, September '08, was one giant flood. I walk/ran my miles across campus in flip-flops, shorts, and NO umbrella. Sad days for me. When winter eventually hit, we had snow several times between December and April.. yes, April. During summer school, guess what.. LOOTS of rain. At least it kept the normally suffucating 100 degree heat tolerable. So far, this year has been no different.

The rain made me think as I left my first, warm classroom (writing for media), I need to start a blog.

I have thought about it before. I need somewhere, not facebook, to show off some photography I have done. Some old, some new, and some future. Sort of random that rain motivated me, finally, but I was leaving masscom which always leaves me thinking about my career or fun EMAC stuff I've learned (and have yet to put to use!).

I completed a class talking about writing for the web and headlines. I like headlines.. they're short, blunt and to the point. Sometimes, I feel like I write headlines of my life, but only I read them. Ha! Pretty amusing.. for myself at least. I should have some fun with this..

I'll get to work on photos. The older stuff may take some time because it's mostly film and I would prefer to scan the negatives myself, but I'll get something at least posted soon.

Ciao! =)