Thursday, August 23, 2012

The cat is out of the bag..

We're pregnant!

Our little jellybean at 8 weeks. 

I think everyone knows this by now seeing my third trimester starts tomorrow, but I felt like I still needed a blog announcement.  

The story..

Sharing our story was a big decision. I went back and forth on this for awhile and have decided that I'd like to keep the details of how we found out private. There were so many details involved and so many I want to cherish between my husband and I, so I'm choosing not to share with the world!

I will, however, say it was a surprise. One big fantastic surprise, full of life changes, and it is with the spirit of that change that I want to change the content of my blog from being primarily about the wonderful photography sessions with my clients, to also include updates on life as a pregnant lady, family life, running/health, and travel. All of the wonderful passions in my life. I plan to change the name and URL of my blog to fit these changes, but I'll make sure nothing gets interrupted in the process.

There are so many unknowns (or so they seem..) when pregnant that I have lived in the blog world the last 6 months. Since everyone's experience is so different, I am inspired to share mine in hopes they will help just one person.

I was going to post a bump photo today, but since the most recent photo I have is from a few weeks ago, I thought I'd wait till tomorrow since that officially marks 26 weeks. =)

Photo news - Kristen and Brad are engaged!

Even better, their date is set.

Kristen and I have been friends for a LOONG time, and by long time, I'm not exaggerating.. we met when we were 6. That's 20 years! So many years, so many memories..

Their save-the-date!

One of my favorite memories.. the day she got engaged. It just happened to be the date she found out I was pregnant! This was easily the most amazing reaction I got from anyone because it was sheer surprise and excitement.

She found out by accident. She was picking me up to head out to a cinco de mayo/b-day celebration at another friends house. I left my phone and dog in the car while I ran back inside with Brad to carry out some food. While inside, my mom called, and as long as we have known each other, she naturally picked it up. When she hung up the call, she saw a half written text message about me hearing the babies heart beat for the first time.

I was walking back towards the car when she came running towards me looking.. um, wild. I thought my dog barfed or peed in her car.. I was so confused.

When she finally caught me, she said something along the lines of.. "You didn't tell me!!"

Still confused, I asked what she was talking about.

"You're pregnant!!"

Ohhh.. and then the tears came. From both of us, but the absolute best part, and the words I will never forget.. Kristen said, "This is the best day, EVER!"

The irony of that statement just cracks me up. What she did not know, and what I could not tell her, was that Brad was going to ask her to marry him that afternoon. How's that for best day ever?

I had been waiting to tell her for many reasons, we were waiting to tell our family even.. but one big reason being, I knew Brad was proposing, and I wanted that day to be all hers, but hey.. this made that day all the more special, what can I say. Plus, we will never, ever forget this.

Love you long time. =)


How did you share the news of your first born with friends and family? Did you choose to wait those delicate 13 weeks to share? Or, did you tell the world immediately? We waited.. not an easy task. I learned quickly that I am not good at keeping some secrets while pregnant, but we made it about 10 weeks before telling the family.

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  1. OH MY GOSH! I JUST read this post! Love, love LOVED that day!! It definitely was one of the best days in my life :) I'm so excited for you, Justin and Mr. Wesley. And I agree, so many more memories to come! Love YOU long time!!! XOXO