Wednesday, August 4, 2010

From downtown Mckinney to downtown Dallas

What a day! I drove soo much between dropping off my fiance at the dfw airport (6am!) and going to Mckinney for a session with one of my favorite families and then down to SMU for session with the lovely and talented music therapy major, Jenny. I'm still going through the bulk of the photos, but I wanted to show of a little of each of these wonderful people! =)

So I started bright and early (or maybe not so early, just bright!) in Mckinney with the Mitchell family. We explored downtown, escaping to the shade at every opportunity, and took lots of cute photos. I guess it's hard for the photos not to be cute when they people in them are so cute themselves.. hehe. Here's one of my favorites:

and NO, I'm not biased towards this photo because it shows off my colleges colors, red and black (wohoo, go texas tech!) but that doesn't hurt of course.. haha.

The second part of my day was with Ms. Jenny Tressa. This girl is soooo amazing! She is a Music Theropy major at SMU which means she is 21 and helps kids with learning disabilities by way of music. Pretty awesome, I think. You can also find her in various coffee shops playing acoustic stuff around the metroplex. This Friday she's at Cafe Bohemia in Plano. Check her out! (yea I know, I'm promoting, I hope that's okay)

Enjoy everyone! =)

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