Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Technical difficulties

Well, the film is done and I've started showing it off, but the file is too big to load anywhere! I have to compress it a lot to put on you tube and I'm  little afraid of what that is going to do to the quality. I'll find out soon and hopefully I'll be sharing it then!

Last two finals are tomorrow.. technically it's just one final and a presentation, but either way last two! I'll be off to Dallas Thursday all ready to celebrate my birthday! 24! I have  date night with Justin Friday and a couples/girls night out at Melting Pot Saturday! I can't wait.. to bad my mom is going to be in China but I'll celebrate my bday with my dad's bday the next weekend as a family. Guess what? On my actual birthday (Sunday, May 16) I will be starting a 10-day workshop in Media Sales at UNT. We'll see how that goes.  

Here's a photo of me and my fiancee just being us yesterday =)

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