Saturday, April 24, 2010


So, last night I, along with my other 2 group members and 5 other members of the cast, drove out to a little city near post called "Close City" to shoot the scenes for a 5 minute film for my video production class. We endured the freezing wind and the awesomely creepy, old school house and after about 7 hours we finished! I had a blast and from what I could tell, so did everyone else! I can't wait to edit this together and see the final product. It is incredible how much time and effort goes into something that when finished will only be 5 minutes long. Gives me a whole new respect for all the work that goes into the television shows and movies I have seen.

Here's a few photos from our night.. and don't worry... when we're all done I'll make sure to post a link to the video. =)

Close City School

The whole cast: Jeremy as "Mike" Mary as "Lucy" Greyson as "Jacob" Marshall as "Shane" Kamerin as "Sarah" and AJ as "Blake"(also one of our producers)


  1. Hey Heather. Cool photos from last night. I wouldn't expect you to know this, but it's "Kamerin" and don't worry, nobody ever spells it right. See ya later.